Undergraduate Projects

The 20th Annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) was Rutgers University's second year of competing in IGVC. We entered with Navi, an entirely redesigned version of the earlier Navigator. As the team leader and primary software developer, I was responsible for Navi's localization, perception, and planning.

The 19th Annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) marked Rutgers University's rookie year of competing in IGVC and the completion of the Navigator. As vision lead, I was responsible for developing the Navigator's custom trinocular stereo vision, obstacle detection, and lane tracking systems.

NetBots is a novel swarm robotics algorithm to improve detection accuracy in the distributed automatic target recognition (ATR) problems. Prior work (Dasgupta et al. and Martinoli et al.) have applied swarm robotics to the ATR problem by having a large number of cheap, inaccurate robots "vote" on whether a given object is a target.

HAX is a hardware abstraction layer that provides a common interface to the Vex PIC Microcontroller and Vex Cortex Microcontroller. Any code that interfaces with hardware through HAX can seamlessly run on the PIC and ARM architectures with minimal changes.